Welcome to the future!

The first modular system for building land on water.

Visions become reality

Our unique and innovative module system will revolutionize the construction of floating platforms. Technically and financially. With our modules you can realize…

  • floating homes (from 300 sq m)
  • impressive event islands and living spaces (from 2000 sq m)
  • Energy islands (from 20.000 sq m)
  • and whole cities (from 50.000 sq m)

on rivers, lakes and oceans. The islands are absolutely free in scale, size, shape and load capacity.

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We will enable land-reclamation on water

Imagine a floating platform in the middle of the sea, filled with solar cells and wind mills. Think of an oil rig, not made of steel, but put on a floating island, saving massive manufacturing costs and being low maintenance. Or imagine projects of land reclamation such as The Palms in Dubai – just that they are not built on sand and require annual rework, but rely on a technology which promises longevity and comfort from the very first day.

Great concepts

Todays situation shows:

Many energy companies, universities and associations had great ideas for the use of water areas. So far, however, it has hardly been possible to implement such a project. Why? The technical foundations are still lacking. With the Island City Construction Module System all these concepts are now possible. We provide the foundation for almost every conceivable scenario.

Industry on water



















Living on water



















Working on water



















Party on water



















Relaxing on water



















Landing on Water






















Playing on Water
















Sand – a valuable resource

Sand is an important component of our modules. Finely ground sand with a relatively high proportion of quarzt. What many often do not consider – sand is not a renewable resource! Even today, sand is an increasingly scarce commodity – because construction is taking place all over the world. And where construction takes place, sand is also needed.

In order to protect our environment, we have decided, as soon as technically possible, to process desert sand in such a way that we can use it as a raw material. Corresponding patented processes exist since the 40s of the last century.

Together with various research institutions, we will develop a sustainable process that relieves the environment as much as possible, because its our particular concern to produce as sustainably as possible.